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MyRIO FPGA Audio Pitch Changer

Title: MyRIO FPGA Audio Pitch Changer

Overview of what project is:
Changes the pitch of an audio signal passing through the MyRIO audio input and output ports. For example, you can connect the "Audio In" port to your MP3 player and the "Audio Out" port to your headphones, and listen to your favorite songs at a higher or lower pitch. The pitch-shifting algorithm was developed under guidance from this site.

Picture of project:

pitch change slider.PNG
pitch change block diagram.PNG

Parts List:

Audio In: Cable to connect to MP3 player, computer, etc; or a microphone (not tested)

Audio Out: Headphones, speakers

Open the project. Make sure that it is properly configured so that you can connect to your MyRIO. Open Main.VI (within the FPGA Target) and run it. It may force you to recompile the program.

C or LV?: LabVIEW

Version of LV: 2014