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My Op-Amp Lab - In phase input and output measurements

My Op-Amp Lab is a project that is intended to showcase how students could do entire lab sessions at home using just their NI myDAQ, some software and some cheap components. It utilises both of the analog inputs on the NI myDAQ enabling the user to see the input and output waveforms presented on one graph. Through this method the lab attempts to teach the theory of feedback loops in Op-Amp circuits and give the users some hands on experience with Op-Amps.

Please refer to the Project guide.pdf for a list of components you will need to complete this project.

This is the front pannel showing a gain of 10:

analog sine .png

Below is the block diagram of the VI used for the acuisition from the myDAQ so that both the input and output are shown in phase on the same graph:

analog sine .png

Please feel free to watch the Youtube Video for this project.