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Laser-Testing rig for Solar energy industry

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Contact Information

University: Dalarna University (Sweden Borlange SolarEnergy Recearch Center)

Team Member(s):Bakhram Gaynullin

Faculty Advisors: Dr.Eva Lindberg


Project Information

Title: Laser-Testing rig

Measurement System for evaluation of shape of concentrating reflector for solar CPVT collector.

Solar energy industry. Master thesis progect.



The Challenge:

      Thesis project is a part of the all-round automation of production of

concentrating solar CPVT systems Absolicon X10.

     ABSOLICON Solar Concentrator AB has been invented and started

production of the prospective solar concentrated system Absolicon X10.

     The aims of this Thesis project are designing, assembling, calibrating and

putting in operation the automatic measurement system intended to evaluate the shape of

concentrating parabolic reflectors.

The Solution:

Laser-Testing Rig is the automotive test system, which consist of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic, and software parts. The concentrating reflectors move under row of the semiconductor lasers, which simulates solar rays. Simultaneously the measurement head with photo sensors moves inside of reflector. Every moment measurement head locates on the same place where the photovoltaic receiver of the solar system has to be located. Laser beams reflect from the surface of the reflector collected on the photo sensors of the measurement head. Each laser radiates in its time in series, and reflects from specific point of reflector to the photo sensors on the measurement head. Location of the reflected beam allows estimating the shape of the reflecting surface in that point of reflector. All lasers during movement of the reflector irradiate reflector’s surface with resolution 48x333 (each tested cell is 2x0.6 centimeters; dimension of reflector is 98x200 centimeters). Control soft designed on LabVIEW collects data from all sensors (photo and electrical), control engines and lasers, creates the map of the reflection quality of the reflector’s surface, stores data in jpeg and xls forms in database.

I am electronic engineer and always dream to have ability to design PC based measurement and control systems. However the ordinary computers tools as C, Visual C, Visual Basic and etc. were tricky enough for the quick learning and understanding. LabVIEW gave me user-friendly, superpower tool to reach my aims. I am fascinated from opportunities, which gives LabVIEW and its power.

LabVIEW gives opportunity in combination with NI hardware (and with very developed online support) designing test and control system fast and effectively for the engineers who never had programming experience.

LabVIEW forever!!

LTR+reflector.gifLTR overview600.gif

Project finished.gif

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NI Employee (retired)

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