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Egg Picking Robotic End Effector

Middlesex University London 2nd year Robotics project

Result of 6 weeks assignment work period. Challenge was to design from a scratch, build and program a robotic end effector for CRS robot.


-arm has to sense the presence of the egg

- arm has to be capable of picking the egg (firm grip, force sensing) without damaging it (point A) and placing it back gently - again sensing the acting forces (point B)

- Use of 3D printed, laser cut and water jet parts,

- Use of different actuators (in this case dc stepper and high voltage servo)

- use of multiple sensors ( sensing presence, distance and force)

- programmed using LabView

Timing was deliberately set to longer piriods and scissor lift gap (sefaty reasons) just for the purpose of degree show presentation.

Design stages are visible on the screen next to the robot.

If you are interested with more information about programming part or mechanical dasign do not hasitate to send me an email: