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Designing an EEG & EMG for the diagnosis of mental and muscular illnesses

Contact Information

University: Addis Ababa University

Team Members (with year of graduation): Eden Negussie (5th), Natnael Shewangizaw (5th), Yonas Worede (5th)

Faculty Advisers:

Email Address:

Submission Language: English

Project Information

Title: Designing an EEG & EMG for the diagnosis of mental and muscular illnesses


     - LabVIEW

     - NI USB 6009 DAQ

     - Biomedical Toolkit

The Challenge

Designing an EEG & EMG i.e. a bio potential amplifier system for the diagnosis of mental and muscular illnesses.

The Solution

Using NI DAQ and NI LabVIEW, displaying the signal picked up from the scalp (for EEG) & from the muscles (for EMG).

We have designed an EEG/EMG machine to minimize the shortage of medical appliances in Ethiopia.

Our design consists of electrodes, amplifiers, filters and a laptop monitor. The electrodes act as a skin to brain interface and pick up electrical signals from the scalp and the muscle. These electrical signals are then amplified using instrumentation amplifier. The signal is further amplified using operational amp and then its filtered so noise won’t affect the correctness of the signal. After that the signal is sent to the DAQ so it can be conditioned and processed. Finally we have used LABView to display and monitor signal.

Previously we have used MATLAB® and custom built data acquisition means to process our signals.

Our reasons for using NI products is for its simplicity, high level of abstraction, high performance, accuracy and flexibility of the NI labview software. We succeeded with this project because we have consulted different tutorial materials we have been provided with important information from labview forum.

NI products we have used:

     - Software: NI Labview 2013

     - Hardware: NI USB 6009 Data acquisition device

     - Bio medical tool kit

Key LabVIEW features used:

     - Spectral analysis tool

     - Filters(found in the signal processing VI)

     - DAQ assistant

Designing this device in Ethiopia is aimed at tackled the problem of importing EEG/EMG machines; because imported machines

     - Are costly (because labour cost is higher there, transportation cost)

     - Delayed delivery

     - Require foreign currency (shortage of foreign currency)

And thus, Patients with brain illness and muscular illness will benefit from our device.

NI LabVIEW has benefited us by providing suitable UI designing platform.


its a nice project keep your awesomeness