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Design and Development of a Humanoid Robot Control System Integrated to Imagen Acquisition System

Contact Information

University and Department:

Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

Team Members:

Bruno Valarezo Correa, student

Faculty Advisors:

Carlos Calderon Cordova

Raul Castro Mendieta

Primary Email Address:

Primary Telephone Number: +59 3-7570275

Project Information

Parts used to design and complete the project:

LabVIEW 8.5

Vision Module



The challenge the team is trying to solve:

The team wanted to design and develop a humanoid robot control system of “kit Bioloid” that acts as investigation platform for different locomotion types. Also, the robot control system should be capable of many different activities, especially soccer (based on the regulation of the RoboCup competition.) Lastly, the robot should recognize written and voice commands and be able to interact with people.

How the team addressed the challenge:

With the experience obtained through years working with National Instruments technology, the team knew that NI began developing solutions for the industry early on. Through the years, NI gained much experience developing solutions for robotics. It is for this reason that they decided to use LabView as the programming platform for present project.



NI Employee (retired)

Whoa, this is REALLY cool! Can you share more detail behind the hardware that was selected for your design? Those look like AX-12 servo motors. Did you have to build a driver for those or did you download as an instrument driver? Would you be willing to share the code to interface to the motors?

Also, are you doing on-board processing inside of the grey box/robot torso? If so, what processing platform are you using? cRIO? ARM processor? or perhaps you used a netbook?

Looking forward to learning more about your project.


Bueno un video led dejo aqui del presente proyecto