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Design and Construction of an Optical Classifier Prototype

Contact Information

University: Universidad Santo Tomas

Members of the Group: Fabián Alberto Herreño Cuestas.

Directed by: Ing Davis Montenegro and Ing Leonel Giraldo


Project Information

Title: Design and Construction of an optical classifier prototype.

Design of an optical bottle classifier prototype supported in the LABVIEW programming platform that emphasizes simplicity, speed and efficiency

National Instruments Products used in the project:

LabVIEW 8.0

NI USB-6008

NI PCI 1411

NI IMAQ Vision


The Challenge:

Design and implement a flexible system, efficient and economically attractive to academic and industrial sectors to control the classification of integrated packages of the same shape and size that is practical and easy to use, applied to a prototype that shows the virtues of design and programming proposals and the integration of the acquisition, signal and image processing.

The Solution:

Designed, developed and implemented an image processing and signal control system, using LabVIEW. The system is able to acquire through a digital camera and a position sensor connected to a NI PCI1411 card and recognize different packages or patterns, measurements of these with the tools provided in the IMAQ Vision module,

which determines its quality and their selection is done by writing a signal via the NI USB 6008. Using the NI-DAQmx we can control the pneumatic cylinders which redirected the bottles according to the restrictions defined previously by the user.


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