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Chasse nuisible Par LABVIEW for Student Design Competition 2013

Contact Information

University: Higher Institute of Technology & Industrial Design

Team Members (with year of graduation): (1) SATCHIE TCHOUA Patrick Epée, (2) TSASSE Gervais, (3) TEMGA Thierry Durand

Faculty Advisers: DONGMO Léonard

Email Address: /

Submission Language: English

Project Information

Title:  Chasse nuisible Par LABVIEW


Our project aims to move away to live or hunt harmful beings to humans such as mosquitoes,   rodents, cockroaches etc.... Each of these things affect the human health.  Mosquitoes are transmitting agents of malaria. This disease is one of the most common pests in our society. And our system will overcome this scourge. And the impact of solving the problem extends across the continent because in this case malaria affects all areas of Cameroon and the third world countries and many other countries.


For this project we used:
* ultrasonic transmitter
* A plate test
  * A pushbutton


The disease is one of the causes of mortality in the world. Malaria has a high percentage of mortality in our society. The problem is to prevent mosquitoes inflict bites to humans. In order to solve this problem we developed a system using Labview National Instrument (NI) software to program an output for generating an ultrasonic sound inaudible by humans but be sensitive to pests (mosquitoes ...) it allowing hunting in our environment all these critters.

Design Methodology

Since we do not have the module to make the autonomous MyDAQ (embedded), we opted for direct computer simulation.
The process is as follows:


Architecture Methodology

Our system performs two major functions:
• Design and generation of harmful signals
• Transmission of these signals (ultrasound)

1. Design and generation of harmful signals


Computer: we can design signals through Labview software by writing a program (VI) to drive our system and feed the MyDAQ.
MyDAQ: allow the generations of harmful then transfer them to an ultrasonic transmitter signals.

2. Emission of these signals (ultrasound)


Ultrasonic transmitter: emit the signals generated by the MyDAQ.

  Led: report the normal operation of the entire device.
Resistor: that limits the forward current of the LED (thus increasing its lifetime).

Proto board: that can connect the various components of the system.


Functional Description

a)    Program


This is a part of the program of  vi that produce a noise signal. We transfer this signal to the MyDAQ. In this program we use formula waveform to make a type of signal, Random number to done a random frequency and amplitude.

b) MyDAQ

We use the analog output a0 of  MyDAQ to deliver different signals designed in the above program.


This is a sample of a output signal that come from a0 output of MyDAQ. In this case the frequency is 25 KHz


c) Ultrasonic Transmitter


Ultrasonic Transmitter is able of emitting a sound whose maximum frequency is 40KHz.

The technical’s characteristics are:

  • Operating frequency: 40KHz
  • Small operating bandwidth: 2KHz
  • Dimension : 10 mm
  • 3dB beam with of main lobe in around 30°

Result and Discussion



Finally, the objective of our project is resoling social problems in this case the problem is the disease that call malaria. Our device is able to hunt mosquitoes by emit a signal noise that frequency is between 23 KHz and 30KHz. We can make the device to be loaded for a future commercialization since more than 60% of population is affected by malaria. We propose if possible with the help of  NI and the government to insert this signal in a canal through an antenna planted in each quarter to clean the place