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Auto-balancing Bicycle - 2015 Global SDC Finalist

Contact Information

University: Tsinghua University

Team Members (with year of graduation): He Jiarui, Stasinopoulos Sotirios, Yu Yongchao, Xu Kaiyuan, Chen Kai

Faculty Advisers: Zhao Mingguo

Email Address:

Submission Language: English

Project Information

Title: Auto-balancing Bicycle

Description:  The auto-balancing bicycle is modified from a hybrid electric bicycle. Using the steering control method, it can go forward, turn left and right flexibly at different velocities, providing a platform for unmanned bicycles.

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NI cRIO 9024

NI 9114 Module

NI 9263

NI 9870

NI 9403


NI LabVIEW 2011

LabVIEW Real-Time Module 2011

NI RIO 2011

Other Hardware and software

An electric bicycle

Inter NUC

Arduino Mega 2560

Maxon motors & Copley drivers

Xsens MTi-300 gyroscope


Laser-based speedometer

Dynamixel EX-106 motor

Remote controller



The Challenge:

The bicycle, as a widely used vehicle, and its driverless technology has become a research hotspot in recent years. Compared to driverless automobiles, bicycles have more flexibility due to their small size and more difficulties due to their two-wheel structure. Bicycles will fall down without any control, while automobiles don’t have this problem. Therefore, the major challenge faced by driverless bicycles is designing a control system to make the bicycle remain balanced and achieve flexible steering.

The dynamics of the bicycle is a complex nonlinear system, while the parameters of bicycles are difficult to obtain accurately and the disturbance of the environment is unknown. Thus, the control system we designed needs to be robust and stable enough to resist those internal and external disturbances.

The Solution:

BikeRealWithParts_edited_small.jpgSystem Overview:

Bike System.jpg

     For more information regarding the detailed bicycle dynamics model, control system and software-hardware descriptions, look at the attached document "Auto-Balancing Bicycle Technical Report".

Attach Poster:



pretty cool !!!