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11/7/2019 User Group Meeting Notes

Hello Everyone, 


Some quick notes on our last user group meeting.


Here is the link to the new LabVIEW Book


Here is a link the recommended books on my site


Here is the link to Design Patterns in LabVIEW


Open G  Variant Configuration file   You can also install this directly from VIPM


Thanks to Dave for a great presentation.


I am looking for presenters for 2020 so if you are interested in giving one please let me know.



Dan Shangraw, P.E.

Download AST Unit Tester


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Re: 11/7/2019 User Group Meeting Notes

Hi All,


Where can I download Dave's presentation?  Thanks.


Best regards,

Gary Liu

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Re: 11/7/2019 User Group Meeting Notes

Thank you Dan and thank you to everyone who was there.


I have attached the presentation for reference.  Though, the presentation is more of the examples and the high level notes so if there are any questions please feel free to ask.


Thank You,
David Wilt

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