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NI LTE MAC/PHY Prototyping Application Example


The NI LTE MAC/PHY Application Example is a piece of code that shows how to combine the NI LTE Application Framework with the open source network simulator NS-3.




It is inteded to serve a guideline for researchers and engineers who want to create a prototyping platform for wireless networks that has the following components:

  • Over-the-air transmission with an LTE PHY executing in real-time on a FPGA,
  • An extensive model for LTE MAC, higher layers, as well as EPC running on a real-time operating system on a CPU,
  • A flexible and extendable L1-L2 interface to interconnect the components above.



The platform allows to

  • Implement new algorithms in L2 and L3 and test them with over-the-air transmission and in real-time.
  • Modifiy the existing L1 and validate the performance of new numerologies, waveforms, coding schemes, etc. in end-to-end scenarios.
  • Perform optimizations across all layers of a wireless communications system.



Getting started

  1. Watch the overview video and take a look at the corresponding overview slideset to get a first impression of the system.
  2. For more technical information, refer to the white paper and look at the the technical slideset.
  3. New users can obtain 30-days evaluation licenses for required software from here:
    1. LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite,
    2. NI LTE Application Framework.
  4. A hardware target is necessary to execute the example code. For more information, follow the contact information below.
  5. Download the source code
    1. The source code zip file is available for download here
    2. A step-by-step installation guide is included with the zip file.
    3. Watch this installation video for additional information.
  6. Want to learn more?
    1. For questions regarding the LTE Application Framework, contact your local NI sales representative or email
    2. For questions regarding the API between LTE Application Framework and NS-3, contact your local NI sales representative or email
    3. For questions regarding NS-3 modules and higher layers capabilities, consult the extensive documentation available on the NS-3 website:



This source code contains the network simulator NS-3, which is available as open source under GNU GPL.



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