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Shall we control the applications from DD app?


      I can able to monitor the Senseor values which is acquiring the temperature of my process. Now, My question is How can we control the LabVIEW front panel components such as Slider, Switch, String etc., Is any ways is there either in Web services or Shared variables....?

I need this requirement as soon as possible...

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Hi azad,   you can Use Web Publishing Tool in Labview to control your F.P in the Web the  other way is to use Labsocket please check the Link Below  Regards,  Krish.

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hello Azad,

Have a look on another way to reach your requirements with Wezarp available on the LVTN :

A very easy solution to take the control of your LabVIEW application with a remote device.

Best regards


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Yes, Data Dashboard for iPad and Android tablets allows you to use controls in addition to indicators.

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