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Passing a Cluster as Shared Variable For XY graph On Android Tab

Hi all,

I am trying to pass a cluster to my dashboard using a shared variable so that i can connect it as input to XY graph. The input cluster is a pair of 1-D arrays of 16 elements each.

I have tried to create a custom Data type by creating a cluster of two 1-D arrays and saving it as a .ctl file and then adding the shared variable as this data type. But when I added the web service method(polling) on the data dashboard it didnot show any variables availabe.

I am attaching Siome snapshots for reference. Please help




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You should be using an array of clusters containing two elements each. In other words, it's N clusters of two numbers, not a cluster of 2 arrays of N numbers.

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Hi Adam,

Is this is what you were asking me to do.


If yes then, this worked.


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That looks correct to me. Did you refresh? The list of variables is cached so whenever you make a change on the server you should refresh the list by pressing the refresh button in Data Dashboard. The refresh button is in the bottom right of the dialog that lists the variables.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for all the help. It worked perfectly.

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