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Re: Mobile Circuit Design with the Multisim Touch iPad App

NI Employee


The Multisim Touch for the iPad is an all new product developed specifically for students, educators, and engineers who need powerful simulation and intuitive design tools available on their iPad. This native SPICE simulation and design app allows users to quickly build circuits with a library of common devices and visualize performance in an intuitive graphing interface. With this tool users are able to begin designing circuits whenever inspiration occurs.

Multisim Touch utilizes DropboxTM and e-mail connectivity to allow designs that begin on the tablet to be shared with other Multisim Touch users or exported to the desktop edition of Multisim for advanced design and verification capabilities only available on the PC. Essentially, Multisim Touch is a portable extension of the advanced power of Multisim on the desktop....for only $4.99

Download the app and learn more

Download the App and Get Started

Building a circuit is simply a matter of tapping components from the component bins and dragging on to the workspace. Simply by tapping a terminal and a destination on the circuit, you can complete a wire connection. Multisim Touch supports rotate components, voltage and current probes, setting component values, undo/redo, and many other standard features of the desktop edition of Multisim you're used to. These Multisim Touch Getting Started Videos give a good introduction to creating and simulating a design.

Additional Multisim Touch Resources

Homework Exercises with Multisim Touch and myDAQ


Nice!!! Will there be an Android version?

NI Employee

We are currently looking into the possibility of developing an Andriod version.


I try to do as much homework as I can at work, as laptops aren't allowed and smart devices are accessible anywhere multisim on any mobile would be amazing, thank you for the work your doing, I appreciate it immensely. 





Great App.  


On my androidTablet, I can find the appon the market but it says my tablet is not supported. Can you point me to theapkso I can do a manual install myself?