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How can I view and manipulate the variables of my LabView front panel on my smartphone or tablet?

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Thanks Jeff! I actually considered Wezarp, but it's expensive. I need the solution for our senior project at school so we have a very tight budget.

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Data Dashboard supports 2 ways of communicating with LabVIEW: [LabVIEW] Web Services, and Network-Published Shared Variables.

Shared Variables are usually the simplest, so I'd recommend that to start with.

So, there's no Data Dashboard specific blocks that you'd put on your diagram, but you would create Shared Variables and use them from your diagram.

There's a shared variable tutorial here:

The 'Creating Shared Variables' section at the beginning should cover what you need to know. (Except, for Data Dashboard, 'Variable Type' should be 'Network Published', not 'Single Process' as the tutorial uses).

Once you have nodes on your diagram that write to your variables (the 'Variable References' section of that tutorial), you can deploy the variable library in your LabVIEW project, run your VI, then you should be able to connect those variables from the Data Dashboard mobile apps.

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