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How can I view and manipulate the variables of my LabView front panel on my smartphone or tablet?

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How can I view and manipulate the variables of my LabView front panel on my smartphone or tablet? The OS on the server computer is Windows 7 and I am not authorized to upgrade it; therefore, I cannot use Data Dashboard which requires Windows 8 or 10. What are other options that do not require coding or developing my own application and are free.

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The version of Windows running on your LabVIEW server doesn't affect whether you can use Data Dashboard or not; Data Dashboard is a client-side application. Any Windows PC running LabVIEW 2010+ should be fine for the server.

If you have an Android tablet or iPad, you can download the appropriate versions of Data Dashboard from the iOS / Google Play appstores (search for 'Data Dashboard for LabVIEW'), then connect to your shared variables with the app.

As far as phones go: previously there was a Data Dashboard version for iPhone, but it's currently not available. There is an Android phone version (also in the Google Play store), but it has a more limited feature set than the tablet versions (and some rendering bugs on newer phones).

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En dispositivos  con IOs es posible ver y manipular variables  usando data dashboard, no  así con Android, solo visualizar.

Otras  posibilidades  son los web service por ejemplo, que  se visualiza y manipula desde una web.

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iaci23, Gracias por la respuesta. Servicio Web se puede utilizar al menos de dos maneras diferentes. Uno está en unión con Labview. ¿Es eso lo que quieres decir?
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Thank for the reply Malcom! When you try to download it, you have to choose one of the three versions: Windows 8, IOS, Android. It won't download on Windows 7.

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I'm assuming you're referring to this page:

Each link takes you to the app store listing for Data Dashboard, but the apps don't download to your PC.

In order to download the app, you do that directly on your iOS / Android device through the app stores. You don't need to download anything on your Windows PC to use Data Dashboard.

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I thought I need to add a certain block to each of the variables on my labview program that I want to remotely control. How do I get those blocks?

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Correcto, imagino que  busca controlar un VI de forma remota, y  no  depender de un PC local. Los web service son muy útiles para eso. Hay distintas formas de implementarlos, usando software de terceros o escribiendo código duro desde LabView. También está la posibilidad de desarrollar sin depender de las anteriores, solo necesita HTML, JavaScript y CSS y algunos frameworks para facilitar el desarrollo. Basta con tener un web service corriendo en un PC u otra flataforma y se puede conectar desde Internet o Intranet a su servicio usando cualquier dispositivo mobil.

Aca un ejemplo sencillo que corre sobre una placa MyRio con wifi.!d4ZEGDAD

clave de cifrado: !b7afyYTxS-IuvOYcX_akd0KuaoX4YPvCgto4-iyENEw

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Aca podrá  encontrar información sobre web service y ejemplos en su idioma nativo, le será más fácil comprender.

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Wezarp for LabVIEW can be a smart solution to meet your requirement.

Have a look on


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