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Data Dashboard version on Android 4.1.1

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One other question about the version we can use on android smartphone.

My first download last week was  Data Dashboard 1.0, then I had an update two days ago for version 2.0, and finally yesterday an other update (downgrade) to version 1.0...??

The 2.0 version seems much better, could someone explain me those different update? Was it a bugg from the android playstore?

Smartphone: HTC Desire X

Android: 4.1.1

The 2.0 version seemed to work fine and if possible I would like to re install it.


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It was a mistake on our part that the 2.x version could be installed on phones. When we noticed that the update was showing up on phones we pushed out an "update" to revert phones to the previous version. The reason we don't want 2.x to install on phones is because its UI is not designed for a small screen. For instance, on most phones the palette and properties popups cover the entire canvas, which makes the app unusable. We specifically designed this app for a large screen. The smallest device we tested on was the Nexus 7 so it is useable on 7" devices, but if you use it on devices smaller than that then it won't work very well.

We apologize for the confusion caused by our mistake.

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Thanks for your explanation.

It is unfortunate that we can't use the 2.x version on smartphone because with mine (screen 4") it seemed friendly enough.

I hope we could enjoy it later because it allows multiple indicator in a tab

Keep up the good work

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hi there,

just to check when the lastest 2.x version for andriod pad is.

i checked my Nexu7 with android version of 4.4.4 and install data dashboard from play store,

sowehow the latest day was 2014/02/20..... after installing, it kept asking me to update this app....

pls help and be advised, thanks so much!

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The latest version of Data Dashboard is 2.2.

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Was 2.2 released on 2014/02/20 or later??

嚴彗翠 Erin Yen

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Yes, it was released on February 20, 2014.

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Are you seeing the message to upgrade when you attempt to open a dashboard?  How are the language settings on the device configured?

NI App Software R&D
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yes, always asking me to upgrade app.

default language is Traditional Chinese.

is this app only compatible to specific tablet?

I find a doc that lists 10 devices well tested by NI, does that mean only that 10 devices are fully compatible to dashboard 2.2?

thanks for help.

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We are tracking some issues that can be caused by certain localization settings.  This is the first report of this issue on the particular language tablet, and OS version combinaiton.  Just to verify you are using:

Nexus 7 2013

Android 4.4.4

Traditional Chinese.

If you change the language settings to English can you still reproduce the issue?

NI App Software R&D
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