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Data Dashboard and picture


One thing I would like to ask: is this a method to use picture indicatior in Data Dashboard?

Or any method to programmatic change of application backround?


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Unfortunately Data Dashboard does not currently have the ability to change an image while running. It's something we have considered, and it may show up in a future release.

In order to help guide our direction could you give any detail about how you would use this feature? Are you wanting to provide the image itself remotely or just switch between a set of images? If the image comes form the server is it generated dynamically or is it static?

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I try to extend existing application that makes simple measurements and plot XY graph.

Additionaly presents reat-time image of measured object.

At this moment it is not strict requirement to use object image as an application background or as an picture indicator: both solutions are acceptable.

I think it could be done from Web Services side, but I am very interested in Data Dashboard solution.

Do you plan to add possibility to send image from Data Dashboard to LabVIEW ?

I know it sounds greedy...

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We've definitely heard requests for sending images from Data Dashboard to LabVIEW. It falls into a category of similar requests to use the mobile device's sensors to send data to LabVIEW. There are a lot of UX questions to answer before we could make that work, but it's something we will continue to think about.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I look forward eagerly to the day when picture indicators will be added!

I am developing vision inspection systems and during installation the camera's aperture and focus need to be set up. Sometimes the cameras are mounted at locations difficult to access and far away from the analysis PC. So I am using a laptop with wireless remote access to the PC to see the image of the camera when tweaking the lenses.

It would be fantastic to be able to use an iPad or an even smaller iPhone for this! Speed is not that important. It would be sufficient to get an updated image every second. Of course an IMAQ image display would be even better, but I understand that this is even more special...

Is there any news on this?

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Hi IngoB,

Have a look to Wezarp for LabVIEW that could be an alternative solution to control or monitor your application running your analysis computer with a tablet (iOS or Android...).

Using Wezarp, you don't have to take care about your Graphical User Interface design.

Jeff from wezarp

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I definitely agree.

Just one picture could be worth more than thousand of other indicators.

And conversion from IMAQ image display could be done at LabVIEW side.

So I'll connect to IndigoB question: what's up...?

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Or >1000 controls, if as well as sending picture data, they also send the last location a tablet user clicked on the picture back to the PC.

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