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Controlling MyRio using only a tablet (without PC running the LabVIEW programme)

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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding MyRio and NI Dashboard.

I have been using MyRio LabVIEW to write a basic programme to turn on and off the LEDs on MyRio (through PC and Tablet). This works fine when I deploy the variables and connect my tablet to them and then, run the LabVIEW programme on my PC.

However, when I stop running the LabVIEW programme on my PC, the tablet can no longer control the LEDs on MyRio. I read that in order to completely get rid of the PC involvement between the tablet and MyRio, I need to create a stand-alone application from Project>>Build Specification>>New>>Real-Time Application and then deploy the created file to MyRio (so the programme is executed on MyRio not my computer, to be able to control the LEDs using my tablet ONLY).

It still doesn't work! Any suggestions where I got this wrong?


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You need to Run the applications as startup. This is done in the context menu at build secction.

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Thanks Juan

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En el  enlace  anterior incluye un link a un archivo  en Mega... está probado y  funcionando sobre un MyRio , en el cual se   ejecuta un web service que  se inicia cuando se  energiza  el MyRio, o sea, no  necesita  iniciarlo  desde un PC.

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