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Anyone using Data Dashboard on a real-world application?

I would like it to have the set of switches available in the desktop version like toggle, and also indicators like tank ,thermometer which some commonly required frontpanel objects, i m asking more but i really want it to have a separate blockdiagram without any link to the orignal block diagram so that i can manipulate data on the dashboard itself like for example if i want to store a set of reading from my data i can create a vi on the dashboard itself to perform that operation.

Grant heimbach, sir you all have done a great work and i thankful to you to have created this app.

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The thing I really wanted to do was to change the graphic of the button to something more skeuomorphic; a pair of dice in this instance.  That's something that I have always readily associated with LabVIEW.  Of course having a wider array of controls/indicators would be good as well.

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Hi Mr Grant Heimbach,

I am trying to display a waveform (Acceleration) from my cDAQ 9191 and NI-9234- is it possible?- this will be your first customer success story if we manage to do it.

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            The waveform datatype is not supported with the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW app. You can unbundle the waveform datatype and send the Y Values (1D and 2D arrays are supported). The fourth video and demonstration on my Remote Connectivity presentation ( shows how you can decompose the waveform datatype and pump it into an HTML graph. This would be an option if you wanted to use the waveform datatype but would push you to custom HTML development and not Data Dashboard.

Grant H.
National Instruments
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My company has been using National Instruments products in a real-time sawmill control system, starting with the original FieldPoint system and now using the cRIO platform.  We recently started using the Data Dashboard function to allow maintenance crews to directly monitor some very sensitive sensor positions while doing their alignments, making the entire process much more efficient.

To be honest, we hope to use Data Dashboard much more in the future...  If the Android version is ever improved beyond the simplistic version now available.  We currently use a very expensive full industrial tablet PC running a LabVIEW operator interface program, and the entire interface is nothing but a glorified light bar and button input to zero out some sensors...  Basically complete overkill.  Having more customization and some input capabilities (like the iPad version 2.0 has) will allow us to replace the tablet PCs with multiple lighter tablets to give the customer more access points to their equipment.  That is my dream! 

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Dear Ihab,

You could have a look at the WebPager ( Unlike Data Dashboard, it supports Waveform indicators. And to do this, you don't need to do any additional programming.

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And the same answer to youSmiley Happy

Vrmithrax wrote:

  That is my dream! 

WebPager can make your dream come true

You can use a fully-fledged LabVIEW UI on cheap tablets, and it will operate on all sorts of devices - PCs, Macs, Androids, iPads, ... .

To understand what it's doing, just have a look at the 'Demos' page (

There is documentation, examples, etc, etc, etc. And it's certified by National Instruments.


WebPager on NI Tools Network_small.jpg

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While WebPager does look interesting, it would not fit into our system structure.  We need a program or utility that is compiled specifically for our customers and directly installed, then works from that point forward, not a service that requires subscription and continued fees.  We are also in a closed network system, so an externally hosted service is impossible.

I could see some applications and industries outside ours using something like WebPager, though...  Opening up the ability to easily monitor systems remotely can be the holy grail for some complex industrial processes.

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WebPager can work in local networks too. And it can be built into stand-alone EXE. And a license is one-time fee. So, there are no problemsSmiley Happy

Just drop a line to our support and we'll discuss the details.

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Hi, I'm just beginning with Data Dashboard for iPad, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but if it's possible to switch from one Dashboard to another one using hyperlinks?

I hope you can help me, I'm trying to create a main menu where the user can choose for an specific dashboard.

Thanks in advance

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