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video recording with USB 6509

video recording with USB 6509

I am working on one project. In which I have CCD image sensor with EIA B/W video camera and its output is connected to Analog Front End(AFE). The output of AFE is 12 Bit Digital data at the rate of 9 MHz. I am thinking to use USB 6509 for data acquatision from AFE. Actually I want to produce one video file(e.g. 30 second video) from the AFE that is the reason I am using USB 6509 to get the digital data in my computer. 

I know USB 6509 is compatible with LABView SignalExpress software. 

Now, My question is, as I have data to my computer using USB 6509. How can I generate video file (preferrable lossless compression) from the digital data using the SignalExpress or Do I need any other software?


FYI: I am new to LABView.

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Re: video recording with USB 6509

Hi erhk,


SignalExpress will not be able to create a video/image from the data; though, it will allow you to acquire it. If you can get the data into a 2D array of pixel values, you can use LabVIEW with the Vision Development Module to create a video with it. There also may be other programs out there that can convert the 2D array to a video/picture file.

Bill E. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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Re: video recording with USB 6509

And you certainly will not be able to capture 9MHz data with the 6509. As you can see from the specs, it is software timed.

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Re: video recording with USB 6509


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Re: video recording with USB 6509

I'd just be guessing since I don't have a great deal of experience with vision - just a lot with the 6509. You can look at the 1422 but your best bet is contacting an NI Sales Engineer. You might also want to post to the Vision board.

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