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Unable to repair installation

I first install National Instruments SignalExpress Tektronix Edition (TE) Base and ran out of disk space.  I cleared up the disk and completed the installation.  Then some icons in the Start Menu for SignalExpress were blank and says searching for shortcut when clicked.  Reinstalling it went on to install one more component.  And further reinstalling says nothing to install.  I deleted the the installed directory.  It still says nothing to install.  I Remove program in Control Panel.  After that Control Panel doesn't show NI software.  Further installation from CD keeps saying there is nothing to install.  I have try to delete some entry in the Register to fix it.  But it didn't help.  Please help.
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Hello I_do_not_want_an_alias,
Since at this point you have tried many combinations of un-installing/re-installing and deleting/editing entries manually, I think your system is probably very confused about what is actually on your machine right now.  For clarity's sake, I think in this case you will be better served by contacting NI Support directly.

The support page is linked here.
Applications Engineer

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