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Time data for Frequency Measurement

Re: Time data for Frequency Measurement

Thanks a lot for reply. Actually the question was more about how to get the time data in easiest and most precise way.


I attach my program where the time data are computed using the fact that interval between two frequency samples is N/fx, where N is Divisor and fx is measured frequency.

However, I am not satisfied with this VI because I am not able to set measurement task parameters (Divisor, Buffer Size and TimeOut) so that it works for full range of frequencies from zero to 18 kHz.


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Re: Time data for Frequency Measurement

Dear Sir


Thank you very much for reply. Your file I could not open as I am using LabVIEW8.2 version and your file is in version 11.


However I plot the waveform succesfully both in time as well as frequency domain. But in frequency domain, on x-axis scale is fixed at 0.49Hz (in auto scale mode). I change sampling rate from 1000hz to 4000hz but frequency on scale is fixed to 0.49Hz. I dont know why this is being happen. Can you please guide me regarding that..(Remember that I am using USB1208FS for data acquisition and using universal library MCC DAQ. The vi which i choose to collect real time data is


If you have skype ID then please send it to me so that we can discuss in detail. My skype ID is irfan16.uetian


Best Regards


Muhammad Irfan

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Re: Time data for Frequency Measurement



Stop making duplicate posts and hijacking unrelated threads.

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