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Stop conditions in Recoding options in SignalExpress

Hello all,


I'm using SignalExpress version 3.0.0. Suppose I set a stop condition in my recording options of 60 sec and then run my program. After 60 sec, the data is collected and recording stops, however my program also stops running. If I want to continue running my program after the necessary data has been recorded is there a way to do so?


Help Greatly Appreciated,



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Hi Ronak,

What else do you want to do with your program? If you have it set to stop after 60 seconds of logging and nothing else, Signal Express will stop when it is done. You can configure it to record more at a later time or repeat sections of code with a loop but you need to add those components. Can you post your project and explain a bit more what you are trying to do?

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Hi Matt

  I also am have the same problem with "After the stop condition is met, LabVIEW SignalExpress stops recording the signal and stops running the project". How can I have the project continue to run? I work for Gemini 8 meter Telescopes, one is located in La Serena, Chile and the other is Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are using a PXI-1042 with 2 PXI 4495 input cards. Our system is setup as a earthquake recording system. The problem is I need to continue to record any after shocks and additional earthquakes after the first stop condition is met. Any help?

Thanks for your help.

Paul Collins

Gemini 8 meter Telescopes

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Hi all,


There is one option for what you are trying to do. If you would like to keep logging data after a stop condition has been met, you can set a "Post-stop condition duration time". With this feature you can tell Signal Express for how long after a stop condition is met, you would like to keep logging data. You will find this option under "Advanced Timing" in the Recording Options Tab.

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Hi Paul,


This is fairly simple if you can also configure a Start condition for your recording setup (or if you already have one set up). When configuring a start condition, at the bottom of that page is a "Repeat start/stop cycle" section. You can either configure it to restart N times, or up until a specific date. In you never want to stop the project, set the date to something in the very distant future (but you can still manual stop the project by pressing the Stop button). This section also lets you select whether you want each new log created into a new file, or the current log.


If your trigger to start recording is based a signal value from either of your PXI 4495, this should be fairly simple.


I hope this helps and good luck!




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