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SignalExpress, Averaging over short periods

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Hello all, I need help getting average values for my temperature readings in LabVIEW SE. I have a DAQ device (USB 6259) that I'm using to get temperature readings with a thermocouple. Problem is, the readings are noisy.

I've already figured out how to use the step Statistics which can show you the mean over the full period of time, but I need something closer to a filter or gate that outputs the average temperature over short periods of time (i.e. takes a new average every 2 seconds or something).

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Signal Express has built in signal processing functions which can be used to reduce the noise from your thermocouple measurements. You can either use a Filter (lowpass), Time Averaging (Moving Average), or Subset and Resample function. These functions can be found under Add Step, Processing, Analog Signals. For your application, you will most likely want to use Filter or Time Averaging in combination with “Subset and Resample” to smooth then down sample your thermocouple measurements.



Eric Liauw
Senior AE Specialist - Automated Test | CLD | CTA
National Instruments
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