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SignalExpress 2010 GUI Crashes on LED display

I have a license for SignalExpress 2010 installed on multiple machines on our companies campus. The initial computer which was used to develop test routines was able to use the software without issue.


After finalizing the test procedure and attempting to deploy this software to other PCs, the program crashed upon launch.


It was determined that the presence of the LED indicator display was responsible for the crash. If the LED display is removed and only the time graph display is present on the data view tab, then the program operates perfectly fine. There seems to be a number of GUI issues present on the suspect computers, including a graphics freeze when the right-click context menu appears on the time graph display.


Are these known issues? Any work arounds known besides omitting the LED display?


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This is the interface after attempting to add an LED display entity, shortly before it crashes.

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