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Signal express full version license restrictions: number of seats

We have LabVIEW (Pro-version) for a number of years (Latest ver 2020). Our local NI partner indicated only that our license is "single seat" which according to NI site is most probably a "Named-User (Non-Concurrent) License" (Still don't know how to confirm this - Can not find this info on NI license manager yet). I have basically been using our LabVIEW suite just to install and run Signal express full version (Our LabVIEW programming capability is very limited)


 Question:  I would like to know if the number of signal express instances that can be installed and used at one time is tied to the LabVIEW license restrictions (3 computers for LabVIEW = 3 computers running signal express?) or is it a case of you having to install LabVIEW to run signal express and by doing so are bound by your specific LabVIEW license conditions.





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Dear Pietskiet,


Single-seat licenses when purchased are not distinguished by computer-based or named-user. These licenses may be utilized by a single user on up to three computers.

A user may install and activate the NI Software on up to three (3) computers, each by following the traditional installation and activation process. You can run the software on only one of these computers at a time. This type of license includes a home exception, which allows for the installation and activation of the software on one home machine.

(Home Usage Exception: If you are a business or other entity using a Named-User licensing option, or if you are the primary user of the machine on which a Computer-Based licensing option is used, you may also install and use your NI software on one (1) home computer, provided that the use of the software on such a home computer is limited to work performed in the scope of and complies with all terms and conditions of your licensing agreement.)

Besides that, here are some documentation about this topic:

Understanding NI Software Policies

General Purpose Software License Agreement



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