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Scaled output for NI 9229 analog input module


We were using a NI 9229 voltage card to monitor voltage during a test.  When using signal express to set up the data acquisition, instead of acquiring a voltage analog input, a current analog input was selected. This was found out after the test was run. Our data looks exactly how it should during this test, however, the values look to be scaled as if a current measurement card was used. 


Does signal express scale the digital output based on the measurement type selected? If so, is there a way to remove the scaling factor used for the "Current" measurement type, and then re-apply a scaling factor for the "Voltage" measurement type to get the correct amplitude for this measurement?


When using the NI 9229 card, I could select various measurement types and the only thing that changed when I ran the software was the amplitude on the y-axis for the measurement itself (even though this is a voltage card).


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