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PXI-4461 onboard memory underflow

I am using PXI-4461(audio analyzer) and Sound and Vibration Assistant as the software. I create a sine wave + noise and output it to AO(analog output) channel 0. The output is feed to input AI channel 0. However, error occur and the error state that the onboard memory underflow and that i need to reduce my sample rate. I already reduced my the sample rate to the minimum but the error still occur. Any suggestion on what's the problem is?  
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We would be happy to take a look at what is going on.  Could you please post your S&V Assistant Project file?


Jeff Tipps
Product Support Engineer - DSA
National Instruments
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Thank you so much for willing to help but i solved the problem already. The problem occur because my sample size (buffer size) too small. But, i have one more problem. Anyone can help me creating a 94dB source? If using voltage reference as 1V, 94dB is around 50k V. So it's not logical since PXI-4461 max voltage in or out is only 10 V.
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Hi popcorn,

It is possible if you have your 94dB voltage at 10v and set your reference at 200 uV (0.0002 V).  That will give you a 94dB signal. 
Thank You,

Nick F.
Applications Engineer
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