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Downloaded Signal Express without drivers and cannot find what I need.

I downloaded Signal express evaluation and when it came to the window that said I don't have the drivers check the box to download later. I did that and now I cannot find the drivers I need and the only program on my computer is NI Max.


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What hardware are you trying to use? It is possible you would need to reinstall your driver

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That may just do it I am using the PXIe-1065 and 1045.


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PXIe-1065 and PXI-1045 are just chassis. Are you using any modules?

Are you using embedded controler or MXIe cable connection to your computer?


Can you post screen shots of your MAX with expanded menus of "Devices and Interfaces" and "Software" ?


This will give us better idea what hardware you have and what software you need



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