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DT9837 With LV SignalExpress


DT9837 With LV SignalExpress


I have a Data Translation unit DT9837, and I would like to use it with LV SignalExpress. I know that it can be use with labview, but is it possible to use it with SignalExpress, with the sound and vibration assistant ?


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Re: DT9837 With LV SignalExpress

The DT9837 is not directly supported in SignalExpress.  It also does not appear to have IVI instrument support, so using the generic IVI acquisition steps will not work.  You will need to write a user step in LabVIEW using the LV-Link software supplied by Data Translation to get this to work in SignalExpress.  Use the supplied templates so you can get intialization and finalization of the instrument to work correctly.  Let us know if you run into issues.  My apologies for the lack of direct support.

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