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DAQ Mode for acquiring 1 signal from each channel every second.


My main focus for this program is to be able to read 1 sample per channel every second and graph them indefinitely, the tests wont run indefinitely but there will be changes to the power input on the wind tunnel every 10 minutes. It looks like it wont keep track of the data after 5 minutes and removes the old data to make room for the new data, never going over a total of 500 samples. I'm just trying to keep it as simple as I can.

My Main questions are:

- Am i using the correct acquisition mode? I've tried others but they are filled with overflow errors.

- Is there a setting to change the total number of logged samples or am I bound to the 500 samples causing this problem?

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Please, please don't upload pictures of code.  It is so easy to attach one or two VIs, then we can test them, edit them, see them clearly, get help on those we don't recognize, etc.


I refuse to look particularly at .jpgs, as they use lossy compression.  I'm taking one sample per minute from multiple flow meters and graphing them for days at a time.  I use a variety of techniques that let me examine the data at a variety of scales, from 5 hours full screen (all plots are 300 points) to about 16 days full screen, with the plot "scrolling" slowly to the left as points "fall off the end" (i.e. I'm looking at the last 5 hours, or last 15 hours, or last 45 hours, ... of data).


So, yes, you can definitely do what you are asking about.  Attach some code, please.


Bob Schor

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And an actual screenshot would have been a bit better than a picture of your monitor.  4+ MB for a blurry picture, x 3, when a PNG screen shot would have taken 10's of kB.


The picture shows Signal Express.  This is a LabVIEW forum.  Is LabVIEW in anyway related to what you are doing?


If not, let me know and I can move this to the Signal Express forum.

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My Apologies, you are correct this is related to signal express. I am pretty new at this NI system and the forums.

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I am unable to generate the LabView code, would the .seproj file be helpful?

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