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Can I read strain gage data on the BNC-2111? If so, how?

I'm using an Instron machine to run various tests, complete with BlueHill software.  I recently acquired strain gages from omega and would like to use them for testing.  However, I currenlty have a BNC-2111 hooked up to the computer operating the Instron, so I would like to know if there's some simple way to run the strain gage output to the BNC device, even if there's a small intermediate step.  Thanks.
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Hello MurrayC,


I looked around for a while and did not see of any good ways to do the wiring short of soldering and making the cables yourself.  An easier idea would be to find an adaptor that will allow you to connect your wires through to the BNC connector.  Here's one that I found.


Any setup you use will only be able to read two wires and you will still need to power your strain gauges from another source.  Hope this helps!

Field Engineer
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