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Avoiding "Not enough memory to complete this operation" Errors


I am using SignalExpress on a computer running Windows XP Professional SP3 with a Pentium 4 CPU @3.40GHz and 2 GB of RAM. I record 5 seconds of data from 3 different sensors at 100k samples/second each for a total of 1,500,000 samples each run. While this usually works fine, occasionally there is a "Not enough memory to complete this operation" error which crashes the program and corrupts the data file. While some of the tests I do are easily repeatable, others do damage to the (not inexpensive) objects being tested, making it impossible to redo the data without replacing the object in question. The computer is generally shut down between tests and is not really used for anything outside of running SignalExpress, and the important trials in question very rarely involve more than 10 runs at 5 seconds a piece, yet that is apparently sometimes too much for the computer to handle.


Beyond upgrading the hardware, is there any way to reduce the chances of this happening, or prevent the data from being lost? I have seen mentions of writing to ASCII to prevent data loss, but I'm not sure if including a step to do that would be wise with this high a sample rate on this hardware.

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Hello Zach


You may try to to increase the virtual memory access:


In order to prevent the out of memory error.


Warm regards


Mart G

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Thank you for the reply. I made the change when I went back to working with the software (I had a few days of being busy with other things), and since then have not seen the error. That said, I did not use the software for acquisition, only for going back over the logs to look at the data. I did have another problem with the software freezing, requiring a forced shutdown; I think part of the problem might  be that the computer itself is a bit old/unstable, so I have begun looking into a new computer for use with SignalExpress. I have also had issues with the zoom functions being buggy after using the Properties--> Scales options to set the zoom level and then going back to autoscale. Am I maybe having a problem with the software being out of date? I am using SignalExpress 2009, release 5.0.0. I can't find anything saying either way if 5.0.0 is the most recent version or not.

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