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which pxi card for multi output channel

I am looking for a pxi card to generate 3 channels analog outputs. The idea is to adjust a delay between each of the output. A view of the signal needed is provided in the attached figure. I know that this can be done by using 3 pxi card such as pxi 5402 but this is an expensive way to do it. May be pxi 6711 can be sufficient. For information, the sine waveform has typically a frequency of 1 kHz and the duration of the sequence is approximately 10 s. Does 6711 allow loop sequence to repeat a pattern over an infinite time ? Is it possible to produce three different waveforms on each output channels (i.e., a sine on channel 0, asawtooth on channel 1 and a suqare on channel 2 ???

Could you please provide me some advice on the best card for this purpose.

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To answer your questions, the PXI 6711 allows you to create a loop sequence to repeat a pattern over an infinite time. However to get the delay you want, you will have to create a table of zeros and to know your sampling frequency to adjust the delay. Yes, you can produce three different waveforms on each outputs channels on the PXI 6711.


To get the best advice on which pxi card to use, the best is to call a sales representative using the contact NI link at the bottom of this page.


I hope this helps,


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Thanks you for the post.


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