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use pci-6251 as an anloge signal generator and an oscilloscope at the same time

I am using PCI-6251 M series to generate anloge voltage signals at a01 pinout using a signal generator labviwe program, wondering if I could use the same card as an oscilloscope to monitor the output signal. any hints how to do that?
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You've got 16 channels available for analog input and there are numerous shipping examples for DAQmx and analog input. There are even examples for synchronized AI and AO. If you don't need them synched, you just have a DAQmx Write task and a DAQmx Read task. The simplest thing to get started is with the DAQ Assistant.

p.s. You board isn't really one of NI's signal generators and your questions on analog output and analog input should be posted to the multi-function DAQ board.

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Thanks for your reply.


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