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pulse off time division


pulse off time division



I have a pulse train generated using a FOR loop and pulse pattern generator VI. The output plukse train is a 1D array. Please see the attachment. For all pulses, the width is fixed, which is 10 ms here. The fisrt pulse starts at time t=0 and ends at t=10 ms. The second one starts at t=2430 ms and goes off at t=2440 ms. The third one at 4720 and 4730 ms.


My problem is how I can modify the array such that the OFF time (only OFF time) becomes t/10. I mean, for the modified pulse train, the first pulse is 0-10 ms, second is 243-253 ms (start time -->2430/10), thris is 472-482 ms, and so on.


Can any one help ?


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