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niFgen_WriteNamedWaveformI16 error -107410795 on a PXIe-5442 under CVI 2017

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Hello All,


I am getting this non-fatal code at runtime (Debug64) with further errors that follow. CVI does not return a description of this code ("error description not found") and I wondered if anyone has seen this.



I am updating a data station project from that has been running under CVI 2013 under Win7 in the present (CVI 2017 with Win10). Along with this update comes all of the subsequent updates to NIScope, NITclk, NIFGen, NIHWS, and NIDAQ.


The data station uses a 5442, 5122e, and two 6733s housed in a  1082 chassis with a x8 MXI copper link. Also in the chassis but less likely to be related is a 6368 and a x4 link to a 6TB NI RAID. There is a non NI timing card that ties everything together.


This error pops after base initialization but immediately upon trying to run a data control sequence. (First run while sending first set of waveform to the device - using waveform scripting.)


I have attached the NIMAX report for more details if useful.



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It would be helpful if you can post a small example that reproduces the error, and / or the NI IO Trace capture when this is run.


Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
Core Modular Instruments Software
National Instruments
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I'll work up a subset of the code and see if I can recreate.



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Google of NI IO Trace gave me a great tutorial so I have that in the interim to a code subset.


Two files attached - the original that seems to want to rebuild on my system and then save as of the same file. (I stopped the program once the wheels fell off the PXIe chassis and probably caused the record issue on trace.)


The trace should have captured should show 68 lines total with the error in question happening at line 42.

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Here is a project that will recreate the error on my system.


I apologize in advance for the added clutter, there is some framework left over from the larger project.



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Just found new version of NI - FGEN on the website. Updating now. New version 17.5.Previous version was 17.1. Odd but NI Updater did not find this update when I ran it.


Also I note that NI-HWS is version 17.0 but it is not clear how to find out about current updates to this. Are they tied up in NI-FGEN or similar package?

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Accepted by topic author blakney

After updating NI-Fgen and rebooting the system. New error but upon checking card  under NI MAX - it was not connected (red x). Upon second reboot, all seems to work as expected.


Not sure if this was related to the fgen update or just a card that wanted a reboot, but I'll take it.

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