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fpga - Active Technology adapter module - AT-1120

Hiz to all


I just bought AT-1120. according to its datasheet, techinical specification, it can generate the whole 800MHz of bandwidth. i downloaded the getting started example and tried but couldnt found anything.. it is not supporting any type of modulation or anything else. generate multiple peaks which is not accepetable 


if anyone has work with this adapter card, plz let me know and help me out


my project deadline is running towords me too fast.. 😞




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Can you expand on what output you are expecting and what output you are getting? Some screenshots would be very helpful. Also, is this the getting started example that you are using?

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Attached the used getting started example and snapshots



Problems faced:

Want to implement different modulation schemes like GMSK(GSM) and others. 

no control on frequency generation. Not able to generate customize waveform.


have tried different waveform generation block from labview libraries but AT-1120 strickly follows its own generation rules


kindly help me out


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Hi Naveed,


I'm going to try running the example and reproducing the issue you are seeing. 

Can you tell me what FlexRIO card you have the adapter module connected?


Thank you.




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Hi Naveed,


We tested the getting started example here, and it does work properly. It isn't programmed to do the modulation, but you can change the frequency of the waveforms. The way to do that is to change the number of cycles and then click on "Download Waveform" to upload the waveform into FPGA. You will be able to see how the waveform changes as you modify the number of cycles. Attached  file shows how the calculation is done to configure the frequency. You can also connect a scope to the AT-1120 to better see this change.

If you need to modify this code for example to add modulation functionality to it, you can just modify the host code, and use the same FPGA code. I hope this all answers your question. Let us know.





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i am using PXi-7966.

i respect ur reply.


as you said, it do generate frequency based on change cycles which bandwidth is not more than 10KHz. my problem is to generate the bandwidth in MHz.i tried to merge GMSK(GSM). in that case, it only give a spike on 124MHz  on spectrum. if i add any other modulation, it generate nothing.


kindly tell me the way to generate the whole bandwidth by using different modulation schemes





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Ryan C.
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National Instruments
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I'm not sure what you mean by the bandwidth is not more than 10KHz. Using the getting started example, which doesn't perform any filtering to compensate for roll off, you should be able to get around 550MHz of bandwidth. Here's an image of the response the 1120 generated when performing a spectrum sweep.




If you perform roll off filtering to flatten the DAC frequency response you should be able to generate the 750MHz at -1dbFS shown in the spec sheet.


Regarding the modulation of the signal using GSM, this isn't something that Active Technologies or NI has any public examples of that use the 1120. If you are looking for out of the box modulation examples you would want to look at some of the dedicated RF hardware like the Vector Signal Transceiver that can be used in conjunction with the GSM toolkit.




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@Naveed_16 wrote:
generate multiple peaks which is not accepetable 



Hi Naveed,


I had the same problem. My AT-1212 generates multiple peaks while generating sinusoide from sample project.

Solution of the problem is that to DO NOT USE any of VIs from Getting Started project from NI site

You should register your adapter serial number at Active Technologies site and then you'll be able to download actual supporting software for your adapter.





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Kostyuk.a, can you post some screen shots of the multiple peaks you were seeing with the examples that were posted on the


I've run these examples several times and haven't seen this. Did you see these peaks by running the example completely unmodified? And was the 1120 connected to any device other than the scope you used to analyze the output?

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