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fm transmitter

hi everyone i am new to labview

i have a project which is


transmitting a sound file (wav file) using FM on one unit then recieve it on onther unit

the hardware

PXIe 5652 / PXIe 5611 / PXIe 5450  for the transmitter

PXIe 5601 downconverter  for the reciever


anyone can help me please

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Hi Zaid,


I am glad to hear that you are starting to use LabVIEW, and I hope that we can be helpful to get you started with your project.


First, you listed your RFSG device as the PXIe-5673, and you listed the PXIe-5601 as your RFSA device, which means that you are using the PXIe-5663 (or 5663E). You will need to make sure you have the proper drivers for these devices. All of our drivers can be accessed by going to The latest NI-RFSA driver is 2.4.2, and NI-RFSG is 1.7. You can check if you have the drivers installed by going to the Measurment & Automation Explorer (MAX) and looking under Software on the left hand side.


Second, you will need to have a LabVIEW program. Do you know if you have the Modulation Toolkit installed? If so, you can go to Help»Find Examples and search for FM.You should see a "MT RFSG Generate" and "MT niRFSA Demodulate" that will get you started. You can also go to and search our extensive collection of examples.


That should get you started, but as you continue, feel free to post more questions. The more specific, the better we can help.




Elizabeth K. 

National Instruments | Applications Engineer | 

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first of all thanks Elizabeth K. and I really appreciate it
as for my project i finished the transmitting part and I am working on the receiving

if I needed any help a will be more than happy to ask you so be ready for me Elizabeth

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Hello sir,

I have designed one FM transmitter. and i have set the parameters for modulator using formulas 

m=df/fm and BT=2(df+fm). I am using cell phone as receiver. I am not able to hear my data clearly when tuned. can you give me some suggestions.

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Hi ashwini,


This is a very old thread you're replying on. You're probably going to get much more in the way of response if you make a new thread. You should also add a lot more detail on what exactly you're working on; what hardware are you using in designing this transmitter, how have you programmed it.



NI Applications Engr.

NI Product Support Engineer
FlexRIO & High Speed Serial
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