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driver hp-4142b

Yes, I have taken a two-day labview workshop from NI. The reason I am baffaled because I dont know anything about the instrument. And the connectivity between the instument and the labview, could not have been tested.



Thank you for your help.

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If you are using LV 8 or higher this link will show you how NI provides for quick driver generation, which among other things auto-generates the code!


Good luck!

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I may have found some more driver helps for you in the form of possibly related 4142 drivers. The NI site has HP 4155/4156 drivers. Since the 4155/4156 and the 4142 are multi channel instruments, the 4155/4156 drivers may be a good point to start from for 4142 drivers. Also, probably best when looking for drivers to search for the model # under the mfg only. This should allow the best chance of finding all drivers that are available. I found the 4155/4156 drivers under Analyzer, but not Power Supply. I guess I was applying the IVI class names in this case and almost missed these drivers.

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Hey, Deanosity


Thank you for the link and suggestion. It was helpful.


I am trying to use gpib-visa.VI examples and I am able to communicate using them.


Thank you for your help.

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hi pratik,


can you tell me what you did to communicate with 4142b via gpib?

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I need help with hp4142b too. can you tell me how can I comunicate with hp4142b? thank you

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Hello everyone,


I would like to know if anybody has developed the driver for 4142b since then?

Thank you.

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