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PXIe-5413-finite number of pulses-question


Hello all, 


I have a question regarding PXIe-5413 card (with one output).

I have looked on the drivers and examples from library but I do not understand if it is possible to output a finite number o pulses for example, triggered by software.

I do not see in the drivers "Burst" or Pulse function.

For example I want to output 3 square pulses with 2 second delay between them when I use software trigger( activated by a button on front panel).


Thanks in advance!

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That would likely be achievable with arbitrary waveform mode.


What is the pulse width (e.g. in milliseconds) you are looking for?

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Hello Balexand, 


In the past I have worked with Keysight and Agilent. With this external instruments, I have found special functions in their drivers that let me to generate pulses with settable time and number without need to use arbitrary waveform mode.

With this pxie-5413 I see is not possible to choose this settings. 


I am not aiming to a precise with and number of pulses, and I want to let the user to choose.

I am asking this, maybe is something that I have not seen in the drivers.

I do not want to use arbitrary waveform mode in my setup because things will be more complicated for the final user.

Also I have attached 2 pictures from Keysight driver to be more clear about this setup. Also I use delacor tool(with classes) and I want to create a setup user friendly and I must integrate this pxie board and the child functions to be similar with Keysight and Agilent external instruments. If I use arbitrary waveform I do not think I will manage to have same setups for all the instruments.


Thanks for fast replay!

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The NI-FGEN driver API doesn't expose those generation modes directly.  What I was suggesting is that such a programming interface could likely be implemented as a software layer on top of NI-FGEN.  Then you could have the simple Pulse or Burst interface that you need, and the fact that it uses arbitrary waveform mode under-the-hood is just an implementation detail.

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Hello Balexand, 


I understand and you are right. Do you have any example with arbitrary waveform mode?



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