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PXIe-5413 and locking to external 10Mhz Clock

I have a 1 channel PXIe-5413 in a chassis (PXIe-1082).  I would like to frequency lock the 5413 to an external device using the 10Mhz signal in and out of the chassis. 


I experience a measurable phase shift (4 degrees on a 50Hz signal) during a 24 hour period indicating there is no phase locking when taking the 10Mhz signal out of the chassis and feeding it into HP 3326 synthesiser.  If I use the synthesiser to drive the 10Mhz signal and feed it into the chassis I get the same problem.


Studying the PXIe-5413 manual it synchronises with other instruments using the PXIe_Clk100 ( Can the PXIe_Clk100 be trained of the 10 Mhz external inputs, or is there some other method of synchronisation I have missed.


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There is a knowledge article on doing this with a PXIe-5442.  Maybe the clocking diagrams can be compared and the PFI line can be used with PXIe-5413 aswell?

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The PFI connector cannot be used as a clocking terminal on 5413/5423/5433.

The only external reference clock that 5413/5423/5433 devices support is PXIe_Clk100.


Carefully read through the "System Reference Clock" section of the PXIe-1082 manual:

To synchronize the system to an external clock, you can drive PXI_CLK10 from an external
source through the PXI_CLK10_IN pin on the System Timing Slot. Refer to Table B-7, XP4
Connector Pinout for the System Timing Slot, for the pinout. When a 10MHz clock is detected
on this pin, the backplane automatically phase-locks the PXI_CLK10, PXIe_CLK100, and
PXIe_SYNC100 signals to this external clock and distributes these signals to the slots. Refer to
Appendix A, Specifications, for the specification information for an external clock provided on
the PXI_CLK10_IN pin of the system timing slot

Make sure you are meeting the necessary specifications (e.g. voltage levels) for the PXI_CLK10_IN pin.





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