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PXI-5422 Hardware State

We are controlling card PXI-5422 and we may enable the output on the card and leave it for a while before disabling the output on the card. Should we be calling GetHardwareState periodically to ensure that the output is still being generated and to make sure that a hardware error has not occurred? How will calling this method affect the performance of controlling the card if two commands are received simultaneously.

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You should call the niFgen_IsDone function. This function will return "False" if the device is still generating and will also check for and return any errors that may have occurred during the generation.

The driver acquires a synchronization lock at the beginning of each NI-FGEN function call, so you don't have to worry about simultaneous function calls. The second function call will wait for the first one to finish. The "Is Done" function is pretty fast, so the wait time will be very small.

Drew Creel
NI Software Engineer
Signal Generators Group
Drew Creel
NI Software Group Manager
RF and Signal Generators
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