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PXI-5421 Output Problem

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I have a PXI-5421; and am facing a problem with its output. That is, when I set its output to 4 Vpeak or below, nothing appears at its output. As I increase the setting value, around 4.15 Vpeak, it begins outputting.


I realized this behaviour firstly on TestStand. Then I switched to the soft panel; and started trying above values again. The result was the same.


To observe the signal at its output, I am using Keysight MSOX3032T.


Finally, I found another PXI-5421; and everything was ok with values less than 4Vpeak.


I don't know whether it is a hardware issue or not. Could you please help?


Kind regards,

Fatih Gökmenoğlu



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Hi Fatih,


Thank you for trying some troubleshooting steps. With the other working PXI-5421 card, was the setup the exact same as with the non-working PXI-5421? For instance, same slot in the chassis, same Keysight measuring device, etc?


I would recommend trying this questionable card that does not output as expected in another applicable slot in the chassis and observe the behavior. Another step you can try is looking at how this card is configured, as maybe there is something different between this card and the working card.


Finally, the NI-FGEN help that comes with the drivers has some useful information that may give some further insight. 


I hope this helps!



Andrea W.

Andrea W.
ELP Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author Fatih_Atlas

Hi Fatih,


I expect this is a hardware related issue assuming everything else was the same.  The output path changes range around 4V into high impedance. 


For more information on Hardware repair, please see the following page:



Eric Hartner


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Hello Andrea,


Thanks for your suggestion; but, nothing has changed when I put the non-working card into another chassis. Also, I could not see a difference between two cards.


It seems like a hardware issue at the end of the day.


Kind regards,

Fatih Gökmenoğlu

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