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PXI-5402 IVI in TestStand 4.2 returned "niFgen_InitWithOptions" Resource not found

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Hi, i'm very new in TestStand.

I hope someone could help me.


I have a complete Sequence in which an ivi should initiate a PXI-5402.

(It's an old sequence i inherited. It's now my job to get it working again).

We have another System with an PXI-5401 (appears in MAX as Traditional-DAQ) which works fine with this Sequence.


I created a new Sequence to simplify troubleshooting with just the "IVI Fgen" step.


When in click on "Validate" and uncheck "Simulate" and hit "Init" i get:
niFgen_InitWithOptions returned an error: -1073807343 (0xbfff0011). Insufficient location information or the requested device or resource is not present in the system. If the resource descriptor is an IVI name, it must match the entry in the IVI Configuration Store in a case sensitive manner.
Source: TSIviStepTypes [Error Code: -31619]


In NI-Spy i get following Error


I think i have configured everything correct. Please see attached Screenshot.
I tried different IVI-Logical Names...
To eliminate this as root cause, i reference direct the Driver-Session which is displayed correctly on the iviConfiguration.


Thanks in advance

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Ok, i got it ...


It's the well known problem with DAQmx-Configuration within MAX.

Described under:


I had to link Logical-Name with DAQmx-Device instead of PXI-Device.


Thanks anyway.

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Hi ,


thank you for posting the solution


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