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PCI-6733 AO values while updating buffer

PCI-6733 AO values while updating buffer

I'm using a PC-6733 board with a BNC-2110. I have a VI that opens a spreadsheet file, creates a 2D array (a list of samples for each output channel), and writes these values to the 6733 after which the 2110 generates the AO voltages at 1kS/s. This whole cycle repeats: open file, create array, write to 6733, generate voltages.

The problem is that while the vi is writing to the 6733, all of the voltages on the output go to 0V instead of staying at the levels that they were at the end of the previous cycle, which is a big problem for my experiment. Is there any way I can have the AO's stay at the same voltage while the 6733 is updating during each cycle?

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Re: PCI-6733 AO values while updating buffer

Hey Mdeardley,


It sounds like you need to be using shift registers so that you can keep the value from one iteration of the loop to the next.  But it is hard to tell what exactly you need to be using without seeing the code.  Would you mind posting it to give us a better idea of what you need? Thanks!



Kira T

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