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PCI-6704 support under NI DAQ


I was wondering about DAQ support for PCI 6704 on this link

The PCI 6704 does not appear on this NI DAQ legacy list even though PXI 6704 and PCI 6703 do


At one time the PCI 6704 was supported under NI DAQ but not NI-DAQmx, now the opposite seems true.


What changed in the PCI-6704? 

What are the options for drop in replacement of PCI-6704 cards supported by NI DAQ 6.9.2?

Just wondering.

Thank you.



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The quickest way to answer this question would be to check the readme for NI-DAQ 6.9.2 and look for compatible cards and then compare the specifications for those cards to the 6704.You will want to check our website to make sure those cards are still available for purchase since that is an older driver and many of the cards might have reached end of life.


If you have specific questions about alternative cards, post your question back on forum


Matthew C


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