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Override PXI-1033 backplane clock with PXI-6653 OCXO clock

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I need a a more accurate 19.2MHz clock from a PXI-6653. Supposedly, it is possible to override the PXI-1033 backplane clock with the a clock from the PXI-6653 OCXO. It is not clear to me how do do this. NI literature suggests i may need some SW. Thanks!

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You can PLL your backplane to your OCXO clock using NI Sync, specifically the niSync Connect Clock  You'll want to connect "Oscillator" (source) to "PXI_CLK10_IN" (destination).  There's a LabVIEW example (help->find examples->search "pll") which first tries to PLL an external clock to the backplane and then PLL's the onboard oscillator if no external clock is found called "Check Clk10 & Route"  If you look at the case where no external clock is found you'll see how to PLL its onboard oscillator to the backplane, which was also described above.

John M.
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Hi John:

Thank you for the help. What you are suggesting is very logical, but the best I can do (w this vi) is to get the 10M (OCXO) to clk out...but I cant seem to use the OCXO to clock a 19.2MHz from the DDS at clk out. Using other vis, I can produce a 19.2MHz signal but based on the frequency error, it is running off of the backplane clock. (Based on leakage seen via a spec an, i can see that the backplane clock is used...the frequency error is too high vs. an OCXO.)  This should not be difficult, I dont know why Im struggling with it.:Smiley Mad




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This board is designated for the NI Signal Generators family. These are device typically having a name like NI 54xx. I would try posting your question to the PXI board, as I think the Timing and Sync devices are more relavant there.


I'm not entirely sure if this will work because I don't have the HW, but as jmoody suggests, use the Check Clk10 & Route . I think ClkIn uses whatever EXTERNAL clock you are providing to the 6653. Since you want to use the OCXO that is INTERNAL to the 6653, I think you need to change that constant on the block diagram to Oscillator. If that doesn't work, query the above message board.

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author tlubbe

OK, it seems to work now, thank you for the helpful comments. Someone suggetsed on-line (with a helpful picture) to set the 1033 backplane jumper to the "up" position...this opened up the PXI_CLK10 path - replacing the backplane  clock with the the OCXO clock...I now get what i was looking for, a very (frequency) accurate 19.2MHz clock from the DDS.

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Accepted by topic author tlubbe

The phrase "backplane clock" usually refers to the PXI_Clk10 signal in a PXI chassis. Overriding that clock with a 19.2 MHz signal is a bad idea. (It breaks the PXI specification, and may result in strange behavior.) Instead, you should use the PXI_Star lines to distribute that signal to other slots.

James Blair
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Oh, thank you, good idea.

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I agree with James on his comment. From reading the OP's post, I was under the impression that he was just trying to override the PXI backplane clock with a 10MHz clock to generate a more accuracte DDS signal from the 6653, as per the specifications manual:




Jason L.

Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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