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Multiple PXIe-5413 in Chassis and setting reference clock to PXIe_clk100

I had a chassis (PXIe-1082) with a single channel PXIe-5413 in and I was able to set the reference clock of the device to use the PXIe_clk100 using the "ClocksReferenceClocks" object and setting the "Source" to PXIe_clk100 (Matlab and FGEN instrument drivers).


I have added a second PXIe-5413 to the chassis which has two channels.  My previous code, even for the previously installed PXIe-5413 doesn't work as the 'Source' property doesn't exist anymore.


Reading the literature for the PXIe-5413 ( there doesn't appear to be any problems. The synchronization section for ( the card specifies on cards with two channels both are synchronized automatically but not to which reference clock.


The FGEN instrument drivers give an "InstrumentObsolete" group of properties with one being "Reference_Clock_Source" - which I assume refers to this documentation (  Changing these settings spits out an error, though I must admit I haven't attempted all the options


Other functions possible within the FGEN instrument drivers are "Configurefunctionsconfigureclock" with the 'ConfigureReferenceClock' as an object and In the "Obsolete" function the "ConfigureRefClockSource".


Has anyone experience this problem before? Was I using the wrong function/object to set my reference clock previously?  Any suggestions on which setting will work now without trying all of them?








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Have you tried to run LabVIEW examples or use NI FGEN Soft Front Panel?

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I havent tried any labview examples, but I have used the FGEN soft front panel.  I haven't found a setting in the soft front panel to set the reference clock. Do you know where the setting is ?



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